Hi Nurocor!

Below you'll find some video samples from eLearning courses I've developed in the past. Most of these samples were treated with the bare minimum of editing to save my clients money. I can produce industry-standard professionalism with more time budgeted for editing. I have some experience in producing basic animations that give tutorials a more professional feel and keep trainees engaged. I know how to keep the audience engaged and trim down stale explanations into snappy how-tos.

I have over 8,000 hours of eLearning video production experience and primarily use Camtasia Studios, an industry leader in screencast solutions.

I've listed the production time for each video below. This includes the backend setup, research, and editing. It does not factor in the time spent with the client in designing the overall course.

Client: Whisk Carolina

Production Time: 30 minutes


Client: Wake County Public Schools

Production Time: 3 hours

Jump to 3:55 to see interactive content.

RADL Resource Update.mp4

Client: FLANC

Production Time: 45 minutes*

*I spent time learning a brand new system prior to creating a series of videos.

Hopin How-to.mp4

Client: FLANC

Production Time: 30 minutes

Google Slides and Hopin.mp4

Client: WCPSS - World Languages

Production Time: 45 minutes

TIL Accounts How To.mp4

Client: WCPSS - World Languages

Production Time: 15 minutes

US International Keyboard.mp4